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 Google Analytics

If you are to get the best results from digital marketing, leveraging digital insights is essential.

Research has shown that over 70% of companies now use Google Analytics systems to report online performance. However, frequently the tool hasn’t been configured to tailor reports to make full use of its capabilities and drive business results.

The sheer amount of data available to online businesses can be overwhelming, but identifying the right metrics and consistently analysing them will give you the insights you need to continuously improve performance.

What you will learn:

  • Web analytics – a brief history
  • Analytics as a business process
  • Where online data comes from and the limitations
  • Key web analytics jargon
  • Setting online objectives and KPIs
  • Dealing with accuracy and data discrepancies
  • Develop key performance indicators, and
  • Create a comprehensive measurement framework for your organisation
  • Ensure reports are analysed and acted upon.
  • Drive acquisition and conversion optimisation projects
  • Use analytics to drive retention marketing strategies