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Are you still waiting to see whether Social Media Marketing is a passing phase?

While you’re treading water, your competition is already gaining an advantage over your agency.
And the longer you wait, the further ahead they will be.

Just as you wouldn’t buy a page for an advertisement in a magazine and then ‘wing it’, Social Media marketing isn’t about setting up a Facebook page and hoping for the best.

Having operated in the Australian real estate social media space for over 5 years, we know what works and what doesn’t.
We also know that success is the result of a tailored, well-considered strategy.

Social Media Marketing can help your company:

• Promote one-on-one dialogues with customers
• Drive more traffic to your website
• Ensure that your marketing budget spreads over the year
• React immediately to changes or opportunities that arise in the marketplace
• Develop an edge over your competition
• Become thought leaders in your industry
• Improve your search engine visibility

Maverick Strategies Social Media Starter Kit includes everything you need to get you started and up and running in no time!

Social Media Starter Kit For Real Estate inclusions:

  • Building of all social media platforms matching your Corporate identity
  • Once set up, ongoing maintenance should take no longer than 10 minutes a day
  • Real estate content/story ideas for 12 months
  • Strategies for building Fans, Followers and interactions
  • Social Media marketing calendar
  • Relevant vendor spiels and information for sales team to use in appraisals
  • Updating of relevant website and email signature links
  • Training and ongoing support 24/7
  • Social Media Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for staff sign off and implementation

Email us or contact Tatiana on 0412 100 003 to get started today!