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Real estate can be a complicated industry to market online – unless you understand the ins and outs and have extensive experience in the field.

Most SEO service providers think that just because they can do a great SEO job across one industry that they can do the same across real estate.

Except there is a huge difference between selling a house, and lets say selling a pizza.

According to Australian search research stats, 86% of buyers start their real estate search online.

SEO is vital to a successful online presence for agents because higher rankings can translate into significant sales increases—especially when each transaction is in the $100,000s.

Real Estate SEO by nature has inherent challenges:

• In most cases, real estate agents compete against one another, yet they are united as “team members” under a company name.
• Individual agents rely on the combination of brand recognition of their real estate agency, personal branding, and team branding to drive new business.
• Real estate agents will often target specific locations or regions, and try to differentiate their services based on certain needs or demographics, like first-time home buyers, premium homes for sale or new project sales.
• Real estate agencies have to manage and promote the individual agents while marketing the entire brand entity. They want their agents to differentiate themselves, be successful, and bring in a lot of business.
• The real estate agency also needs to maintain ownership of a cohesive, united brand.
• Larger real estate agency websites usually need to highlight multiple areas and regions
• Keyword competition in real estate is extremely high as real estate agencies and their individual agents are all competing for the same targeted keywords (usually “location + real estate” or “location + homes for sale”).

In the midst of this high competition, many SEO companies prey on unsuspecting agents, offering expensive monthly programs that promise high rankings for obscure keywords that won’t drive any sales.

A well-informed real estate SEO strategy should take into account the following:

• Optimisation of key search terms relevant to Australian audiences
• Local SEO and geo-targeting
• Proper URL structure
• Site performance and usability
• Hyper-local, optimised content creation
• Advanced keyword research
• Social media
• Link building

How we can help you and what we do

• An initial diagnosis of the SEO for your website
• Free Website Performance Report
• Optimise your website to maximise its presence in Google
• Setup Google Analytics and train you on what to look out for
• Setup Google Webmaster snd train you on what to look out for
• Setup Google Places and Google + Page
• Deliver reporting on your websites progress

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