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Our experience as consultants has clearly shown that an effective marketing audit is essential to the development of an effective marketing strategy.

Undertaking a structured audit of your sales and marketing activities is not often top of our clients ‘to do list’ and, when questioned, it’s clear that the value that can be delivered from the marketing audit process is not clearly understood.

As a result, Marketing Audit Analysis forms a key part of the way we work with our customers.

A sound, in-depth marketing audit analysis will provide a solid basis for any subsequent strategic development. If you get it wrong at this stage, your whole strategic marketing development could head off in the wrong direction. That’s why we’ve developed a simple yet highly effective way for you to carry out a quick and easy analysis of your current marketing activity.

The marketing audit has certain similarities to a financial audit in that it is a review or appraisal of your existing marketing activities.

Carrying out the marketing audit provides the opportunity to review and appraise your whole marketing activity, enabling you to assess past and present performance as well as to provide the basis for evaluating possible future courses of action.

Because the business environment is constantly changing, the marketing audit should be used as a reference tool, with constant updates reflecting changes in the external environment and your own internal business experiences.