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  Email Marketing

Email marketing solutions go beyond standard email marketing practices, typically developed by email marketing companies. We are able to deliver better results, increased awareness, and unsurpassed levels of measurability that your average email marketing company cannot.

We align our email marketing solution with your website, customer’s needs, and a corporate Internet branding strategy to ensure a seamless message and the best possible measurable results. We create a complete Internet marketing strategy not just a stand alone email marketing program. This is why our customers continue to exceed national email marketing success averages.

Permission email marketing strategies are the preferred method of communication by consumers. Statistics show that a permission / opt-in email marketing solution will produce more qualified results than similar offline marketing strategies.

According to a recent Pew Internet Report survey of daily online activities, over 91 percent of Internet users send emails on a daily basis, making it one of the top online activities. It falls second to the act of getting online, which you have to do to check your email.

If you are not using email as a solution to market your company, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. If you are using email as a marketing tool but are not seeing results, you may be doing more harm than good. Contact Maverick Strategies to discuss how using proven expertise in email marketing can provide the results you need.