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Media optimisation is an attractive concept: use predictive modelling and business rules to work out exactly which combinations of contacts, products and offers the marketing budget should be spent on.

If you can measure the outcome, then all channels can be optimised – online or offline.

Marketing optimisation takes the principles of target marketing – right customer, right offer, right time – and applies them to all a company’s customers, products and campaigns to find the optimum outbound mix of contacts and offers.

Rather than finding the best individual for a predetermined campaign – the conventional method – optimisation tools work out how a particular customer (or perhaps segment) should be approached: via which channels, how often and with which offers.

Maverick Strategies will work with you to design and implement data driven marketing strategies to support achievement of your marketing goals.

Analytics & Marketing Optimisation
We will help you understand what really drives your customers and leverage these insights to increase loyalty, conversion and marketing ROI. We’ll assist you in gaining insights from web analytics and customer profile data and turn these into personalised marketing campaigns across all of your digital channels – web, mobile, email and social.

Multi Channel Marketing
We  will help you target the right individual with the right message at the right time through the right channel. We’ll work with you to automate the design, execution and measurement of customer driven communication across all channels, online and offline.